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This video shows you how you can reduce symptoms of anxiety or stress in minutes. If you want the handout sent to you, please email us at with "Self-Care Protocol 4" in the subject heading.

I interview Integrative Psychotherapist Sara Kate Taylor about her experiences not only learning the technique but experiencing it too.

In this video I use a visual metaphor why changing submodalities doesn't resolve PTSD or trauma permanently and often represses or suppresses it, to come out as another illness or other expression and how BLAST™ goes straight to the root and removes it.

This is a before and after video of me working with Hannah Deacon whose son Alfie suffers with a very rare form of epilepsy (only 8 or 9 other people have this condition). He fits several times every day and the only thing that medicates it is a type of cannabis oil which is illegal in the UK. I treated Hannah for the traumas she has experienced from this over the last 6 years.

This is a video from London therapist Neil Pickering who studied the BLAST Practitioner™ weekend course.

This is a video from Hereford therapist Tracey Phillips who studied the BLAST Practitioner™ weekend course.

Shane Haron spent £4000 on training with all of the big named techniques and gives his views on my BLAST Technique.