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BLAST Technique® PTSD

Client Testimonials

(Main Picture of Marine Dave Astle, top left)

"In 2008, I was serving as a Royal Marines Commando in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan, I belonged to a force protection unit and my role involved the protection of military convoys from local insurgents and other potential threats. Our vehicle I was driving struck by IED (improvised explosive device), with severe damage to vehicle, but minor injuries to occupants. This became a recurring event and eventually resulted in many colleagues suffering life changing injuries or death. On leaving the Royal Marine Commandos I trained and qualified as a registered Paramedic and although extremely rewarding, life on the frontline proved to be extremely chaotic. Eventually, I’d become extremely angry and emotionally detached from everyday life as a result of the traumas experienced in the Marines and day-to-day emergencies I attended. During my time in both the Royal Navy and the health care industry I have received very little counselling, there is help available but due to the busy and turbulent nature of these industries getting effective help within either industry proved incredibly difficult. Throughout my journey for help, I received counselling from numerous therapists who all tried to manage the symptom but didn’t tackle the cause of the anger or help to manage the level of stress maintained by being a paramedic, it affected all other aspects of life were being affected, including relationships. My fiancée found Nick Davies and after a few sessions with him it became clear that he was the perfect solution to the problem I had had for many years, he worked with both of us and now we are in an amazing place we had never experienced since we met. Like many individuals I was initially very sceptical about therapy, however, Nick certainly proved me wrong. His calm yet entertaining approach allowed me to relax and give all. Not only did he save my relationship (and sanity) I too am now venturing on becoming a fully fledged Hypnotherapist. Thanks Nick!"

David Astle (ex-Marine) - PTSD & Relationship Issues


"Good morning Nick, I do hope you are well and have had the best start to the new year!

I wanted to let you know how well I am doing and how happy I am. I remember when we did the BLAST® therapy and you explained how I would still have the memories but wouldn't feel hurt and so emotional about it all. Since the therapy I had from you up until now, I really feel amazing. I have become so numb towards all of the pain and hurt and I now feel I can really move forward with my life.

Changing course at university really was the best thing I could have done, I took all of what you said into consideration. For example, a pass is a pass, there is no need for everything to be 100%. Having the positive mindset has really enhanced my happiness, I guess the law of attraction?

I am getting along with my family so much better, and I really feel happy with all aspects of my life. My relationship, my family, university, application for work, social life... but most of all my inner peace and happiness.

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and all the therapy I had, it was well worth it. I am still benefiting now from our sessions a year or 2 back. You are amazing at what you do and I wish you all the best, I hope life takes you on the journey you desire."

Mande Dothar - PTSD


"I can honestly say Nick has changed my life. After losing both parents close together I was tangled in grief, loneliness and suffering from post traumatic amnesia. In just one session Nick eradicated these feelings from certain episodes in my life and made me feel free; to the point where I was actually laughing at one point during the session. Now 3 weeks on I feel like a different person. Free from the shackles of grief and pain. And to top it off I have fond memories coming back of my lovely mum which I couldn't remember since her passing. My husband is a typical sceptic and even he can't believe the change in me. I can highly recommend Nick and the treatments he offers. We are all tied up with past experiences causing effects on our everyday lives. This man could be the difference you need!"

Luisa Dawson - PTSD & Psychogenic Amnesia


"My name is Dan MacDonald and I am the founder of 'Real Men Talk', I want to share my story with you about the BLAST Technique® and how PTSD nearly ruined my life.

People who know me, will know that I have had a colourful history and even featured on a TV documentary about it, I cringe when I watch that show back but the best thing about that programme was meeting my fiancé. Despite the hell we both went through and me doing 18 months in a Czech jail, somehow we (just) about managed to hold things together until I got released nearly 3 years ago in 2017.

Anyone who’s done time will know how tough it is to settle back into real life, and having been in foreign jail was even tougher as I’d spent 18 months in near isolation in military style conditions. After I was released, my physical health collapsed, I had crippling back & knee problems which stuffed my plans to get back into the building trade. On top of that, my partner was ill and our baby never slept, I was hospitalised, the baby was hospitalised and my partner got sepsis after having him.

I really suffered throughout this time with severe depression and anxiety attacks. I was haunted by flashbacks all through the day, and at night I couldn’t sleep, suffering with nightmares that would wake me up soaked in sweat and in a state of terror. In the months that followed, my paranoia, sleeping issues, nightmares, flashbacks, depression, isolation, mood swings and temper had escalated to the point that after one memorable explosive row, my wedding was cancelled. I was devastated. I loved her and also never wanted to live separately from my son so this broke me. I had everything I had ever wanted and yet had ruined my life because of the PTSD and TRAUMA I had suffered.

I was wondering how this had happened and what kind of person I had become and couldn’t see it. Weeks passed, and I realised I couldn’t let this relationship crumble for good and yet my partner refused to get back with me until I’d gotten some help.

I wanted to save the relationship and agreed to get help so agreed to see respected PTSD therapist Nick Davies. I never thought that having PTSD for nearly 10 years would have this kind of effect on me still but Nick explained thar living with PTSD was like holding onto a massive rock. Exhausting and was using up so much of my energy just in order to function.

The BLAST Technique® session was crazy, in a matter of minutes I went from a state of horror, nausea and sheer emotion to feeling relieved, happy, like a weight had been lifted. This anchor I'd been holding onto was no longer dragging me down. I also felt upset and angry that I’d let this event control my life for so long and yet now happy that I can move on with my future.

Things have changed inside of me. I’m calmer. I sleep much better. I’m no longer explosive and have much more patience.

One of the hardest thing was getting other people to accept that the BLAST® therapy had worked as they simply couldn’t get their heads around that a single session could change things so drastically.

The BLAST Technique® not only saved me but it also saved my life. Had I not gotten back with Nicola, living alone with the PTSD would have been terrifying to consider and I honestly wonder how far things could have gone had I not had treatment.

Daniel MacDonald - PTSD


"My best friend of 23 years and her partner were found dead in bed in an apartment hotel in Istanbul in September 2019, this was a huge shock and traumatic experience, especially as they were both so young fit and healthy. This had left me with open emotional wounds, not understanding at this point what the cause of death was, not being able to gather together and have our goodbyes. Grief can take up to 18 months - after three months daily I would feel emotional, missing our daily conversations. We had over the past five years been through a lot as friends and I had so many beautiful and fun memories.

January 2020, I tried starting a new year being positive and pushing on with my business

which had come to a standstill. I started networking with therapists that I knew and pushing myself to take self-help and come out of this emotional period of my life.

Nick Davies and his BLAST Technique® were put in my pathway and I thought why not? I decided also at the time to take an intensive course with Nick Davies so that I could add to my therapies and have a true understanding of what the BLAST® was all about.

It was almost like magic, after no more than 20 minutes I felt like I had shifted emotionally.

Nick had me thinking about my friend, bringing the tears and emotions up, he then used the BLAST Technique® which is a very fast and efficient technique that he has developed resolving traumas and PTSD. It was explained to me that it will help speed up the grieving experience and I can say hand on heart, I can now think and talk about my dear friend and feel proud and happy and not an emotional mess. I am now practicing this technique myself and free others from their traumas in life and it feels amazing!"

Carolanne Reisseiger


"Considering I wanted to get help for my partner, I was delighted to find that Nick treated us both simultaneously and has enabled us to improve our relationship - both through self-improvement & my partner working through issues themselves.

I particularly liked the way Nick remembered key information that allowed him to tailor sessions to concentrate on specific issues and used various approaches to suit. He does not work on a "one size fits all" approach and his wealth of experience and skills make him incredibly capable of helping you work through various complicated & sometimes elusive problems. Thank you, Nick!"

Shilpa Panchal - Relationship & Childhood Issues


"I was telling all the hospital staff about your BLAST Technique® as they were confused that I smiled and looked happy when they reluctantly told me I will have to inject myself in the stomach every night for the next 5 weeks (anti-clotting drug). I don't know if you remember how bad my needle phobia was but I was the clammy one in the phlebotomy clinic clinging to a sick bowl, with a fan on my face, being told to take deep breaths. I wouldn't have coped with even thinking about injecting myself before your intervention, never mind having to actually do it. The change is so profound I actually caught myself last night thinking excitedly "Ooo, it's only an hour before I get to do my jab!" Magic! Thank you. Xx"

Dot Lindon - Needle Phobia  


"I have been carrying around issues for years that have impacted on my life & relationships. I have had 4 sessions with Nick & my life has changed for the good. For the first time in my life I feel in control, happy & excited about facing the fears that I used to carry around & burden me. Nick never judged me, made me feel comfortable & used an approach (BLAST Technique©) with me that worked wonders. Thank you for making me realise my potential & become the "REAL" me!"

Client asked to remain anonymous - Trauma and Low Self Esteem


"Made my daughter feel very comfortable within a few minutes. She is a much more relaxed young person who is not getting so stressed over her schoolwork, and is much less anxious in general."

Client asked to remain anonymous - Bullying & Exam Stress


"Thanks to your input and invaluable expertise J.J. is now a happier, more confident & independant 7 year old. His ability to verbalize his worries & frustrations has increased significantly and with those changes his fear of new foods has begun to diminish. Thank you very much Nick for getting us on the right path to a happy, healthy child."

Nicky & J.J. - Eating Disorders


"Nick is just someone who puts you at instant ease with his genuine warmth, care & understanding. Within the first session, I knew we had someone who could atually make a difference & change our little wallflower into a bigger bloom & open a 'new door to confidence' & in turn, a happier outlook on life.

Nick you are a very talented man & thank you so much indeed."

Vanessa - Child's Confidence Issues


"Nick has a nice easy way, but remains professional, uses the tools at his disposal brilliantly, but with humour, easy to talk to, gains your trust very quickly. I shall always be grateful, for the successful way he dealt with my problem, where other therapists haven't come close, without question the best!"

Graham Nabb - Anger and Frustration


"Felt very relaxed in your company, you have an understanding which makes it easier for me to express my concerns. You allow me to share some personal barriers which are protected by self embarassment/confidence. It feels a release after meeting up with you."

Client asked to remain anonymous - Anxiety & OCD


"You have changed my life forever and for that I will be forever grateful!"

James A Lloyd - Alcohol and Drug Issues


"Mr Davies is a true professional. His warm, friendly demeanour and honesty was appreciated by me. Also, his high regard for code of professional conduct appealed to me. The use of various techniques for a variety of problems is another asset of him. I would recommend him to others with psychological problems."

Jagjeet Johal - Anxiety


"I want to say a big thank you for all the work you have done and are continuing to do with me over the past few weeks. I have experienced some eye opening moments (true “light bulb” moments) relating to my beliefs and behaviours and how I have let my past influence my present. These beliefs and behaviours have not always been beneficial, as I have found out, thanks to working with you and experiencing your BLAST Technique®, I can now truly say that I am moving forward to a better life.

As you know I have been a therapist for some time now and would like to say that it is my opinion that there are many therapists that need to address their own issues on a regular basis, unfortunately many do not. By addressing our own issues we will be better suited to help our clients.

By going through this process (still ongoing) with you I am clearing out and addressing a number my own less than positive beliefs (some of which have been self destructive or limiting my development) and working towards a better life for myself, my family, loved ones and for my own clients.

I highly recommend working with you and feel that there are many benefits for me doing so and many still to be realised."

David Hastings - Changing Core Limiting Beliefs and Behaviours


"I can't recommend Nick Davies enough! I came to Nick with a number of issues and in crisis. He helped me to understand my mind and to make informed choices, which before I struggled with. He helped me to look more positively at life and on negative past experiences differently. Life goals and planning for the future have taught me ways to conbsider the choices that I have before me to better succeed in life."

John Paisley - PTSD and Stress


"Just like to say you made me open up talk about things I put to the back of my mind, didn't want to address them made me feel better about myself also my partner Sue too. You were so easy to talk to good at your job. I am now able to talk more open now, we talk about more things now we have seen you. Thank you for all you have done!"

William Poynton - Tinnitus and Stress