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BLAST Technique® PTSD

"Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioner" - Coventry

Nick Davies' BLAST Technique® is an Amygdala Desensitising Technique (ADT) which has been created and developed to work faster and more effectively with PTSD and trauma.


It has now been effectively used thousands of times by trained BLAST Technique® Practitioners for things like serious accidents, violent assaults, rape and child abuse and it has changed the lives of many people.


We now present to you his "Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioner" which takes things to the next level, for those of you that want more tools, techniques and neuroscience to deal with other issues created by trauma, especially those more stubborn ones.



The following topics will be covered in the workshop:



* The Amygdala Myth


* The Limbic System, Stria Terminalis & Bed Nucleus


* Unconscious Repression


* Revisiting the BLAST Technique®


* BLAST Technique™ Short Protocol v2


* Advanced BLAST Technique® Pass Variations


* Advanced Techniques for Treating Repression, Suppression and Other Barriers


* Treating OCD


* Overcoming the Victim Identity


* How Trauma can be Learned


* Overcoming Childhood Programming


* Personal History v.2


* If the Client Cannot Remember the Trauma


* Regression to Cause (Cave Method)


* BLAST® Integration


* Reprogramming Parent & Child ego-states


* Client handout BLAST® “Tapping” Self-care Protocol 4


* Client handout BLAST® “Psychosensory” Self-care Protocol 5




You will also receive a 34-page delegate workbook plus an "Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioner" certificate and Advanced Practitioner status.



The course is accredited by the ACCPH (ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists) and also counts towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD).



The workshop will be run on Saturday and Sunday 28th & 29th September 2019 from 10am - 5pm in Coventry, West Midlands UK (it's only a 1 hour train ride from London). It's £497 for the weekend but you can get the "Early Bird" discount at £397 if you book by midnight Sunday 15th September 2019 (doors close Sunday 22nd September 2019), plus 2 more awesome BLAST Technique® light pens! You can secure your place below (if you have any difficulty email us at and we'll send you a private PayPal link or bank transfer details).



NB: The prerequisite for this course is that you have a BLAST Technique® Practitioner certification and unique BL16xxx number (found just below your name on your certificate), please contact us if you're unsure and we can check the database. If you have studied a previous version of this course i.e. EMDR Accelerated or BLAST and do not have this number you will be required to do some bridging training to meet the current standards for the association, please email us at for details and options.








Feedback from attendees of this course:



"Excellent ability at putting everyone at ease and ready to learn. Perfect balance. Nick has a rare ability of conveying theory and practice with the expertise or a true expert. Worth every penny of investment."

Neil Pickering


"An excellent follow up to BLAST®, this provides more tools and add-ons for use with the more challenging clients, as well as a deeper understanding of the processes involved in the brain. The techniques presented are straightforward and powerful and Nick gives you the tools that will help you to find all of the subtle nuiances and clues that indicate the best way to help a client.

Tom Davies 


"I love the balance between your professionalism & friendliness, lots of new learnings, I wanna come to all your workshops. Level wizard, very inspiring!

Zuzana Nott (Czech Republic) 


"BLAST® is an invaluable tool in my tool box & is a game-changer for my business. Nick is a great well-rounded teacher with an enourmous amount of knowledge. I've gained so much more than I expected & I highly recommend this course to any therapist."

Sylvia Sobota 


"Nick is very skillful & knowledgeable. The course is fantastic and great value for any therapist."

Adam Cowming 


"BLAST® is a wonderful addition to the therapist's toolkit and I am proud to be part of the BLAST® 'journey'. I particularly value the addition of the latest self-care protocols to share with clients. I look forward to the next course and exploring the wider applications for this amazing protocol. Well done Nick!"

Chris Sutcliffe


"Excellent course delivered by Nick who is highly knowledgeable, has a great sense of humour and fantastic rapport with everyone in the room. Excellent demonstrations throughout."

Anne-Marie Carter


"Nick is a fantastic trainer. His workshops are not only informative but also great fun."

Zereda Belson 


"Great course. Came away with lots to work with. Nick is great at getting the information over in a way that makes sense."

Kerry Welch 


"Nick knows his stuff and never fails to deliver."

Darren Housley


"You manage to make a complex subject simple and present it in a way that is easily and redily absorbable. Demonstrations and practise help to validate and reinforce the learning on many levels. I love the elegance and simplicity of BLAST®."

Niki Lawal 


"Great technique for trauma as it is, Advanced BLAST® fills in any gaps and overcomes any obstacles that may arise in practice."

Shane Haron 


"Nick has a very laid back approach to his training keeping it simple & easy to understand. He is always available to answer any questions or queries even after training. I have no hesitation in recommending Nick's training, it's superb!"

Ysobel Albone 


"Highly skilled professional & would have no hesitation in recommending Nick as a therapist or tutor. Thank you for my learning!"

Suzanne Bond


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