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BLAST Technique® Association


The BLAST Technique® Association was set up to ensure that high standards were maintained for those trained in this protocol, and to make it easier for the general public to find properly trained and accredited practitioners.


Each BLAST Technique® Practitioner has a unique registration number that will be listed on this website so that you can ensure your practitioner has received the proper training and passed their exam.


Practitioners are expected to attend regular supervision days in order to maintain their membership.


Because BLAST® is one of the fastest growing techniques, it was important for us to create this platform to protect and serve all of those involved; clients and practitioners alike, so excellent levels of treatment are being delivered.


If you'd like your PTSD or trauma treated by Nick or one of his students please email is at


* We are in discussions to teach the "BLAST Technique®, EMDR, PTSD & Trauma" workshops further across the UK and overseas, so watch this space!


* If you want to host Nick to run a training course for a group of you (in the UK or overseas), please email us at to discuss this option.